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The Moment Your Safety
Was Compromised

Get windscreen protection by Bray Windscreen Skin

Bray Windscreen Skin

State of the art technology specifically engineered to absorb any strikes to protect your windscreen from chips, cracks and scratches.

Bray is an automotive industry leader committed to delivering its vision of designing and developing the most innovative technology available.

Bray’s windscreen protector technology provides a solution to windscreen damage, repairs and replacement by significantly improving performance and windscreen safety whilst also eliminating unnecessary pollution caused by disposing of damaged automotive glass. Unlike traditional single layer material which once damaged must be completely replaced, Bray has developed a multi-layer windscreen protector system engineered with a 1mill top skin layer that is replaced as needed. This creates an inexpensive and more environmentally conscious product that is also backed by industry leading warranties.

Bray New Multi-layer Windscreenskin®

The Re-invention of Windshield Protection

Multi Layer Technology
High Impact Resistance
Anti-Scratch Protection
No Frost
Nearly 100% Ultimate Clarity
0 Sensor / Electronic Interference
Easy Peel-Away Adhesive
Maintenance System

Entirely New Protection for Windscreens

Bray Windscreen Skins have been engineered to make vehicles everywhere safer to drive.
Using its innovative multi-layer technology, damaged windscreen skin material can be fixed in a matter of seconds.
For example, if whilst driving rocks are flicked up damaging your windscreen or scuff marks are made by your windscreen wipers affecting visibility.
Simply pull the top layer off your Windscreen Skin and presto your windscreen looks brand new!

Old Single Layer Material
New Multi-Layer Technology

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