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Thin gauge thermos forming is a process that converts a flat sheet of plastic into a functional form, with materials typically running between 25 – 175 microns thick. Bray Group has built its patent pending thin gauge thermos forming expertise over many years of operation and understand exactly how to successfully deliver products designed for automotive industries with stringent requirements on quality and clarity.

We have established a culture of quality in every aspect of our business, with our rigorous inspection standards and years of experience in design, engineering and production continuing to allows us to provide the most optically clear materials.

We specialise in medium to high volume and complex shaped windscreens. Our top notch tooling is highly competitive and provides rapid turnaround which ensures that your product gets to market faster, on time and on budget.

Quality Bray Group Windscreen Skin begins with quality tooling. At Bray 3D factory we make our products from proprietary developed machines that have temperature controlling to ensure an accurate replication of the mould surface and part to part consistency.

Typically tolerances are +/-.025 on the formed dimensions and +/-.060 on the perimeter die cut. Our maximum mould size is up to 60 inches wide.

Our team of qualified designers are capable of creating a product for anything from the most complex bus or super car windscreen to a retail aftermarket product that adds profit to your company or even something as simple as a temporary tear off for use during transportation to protect it from damage.

Thermal Forming

Years of proven success with the highest quality cars built in the world. Bray has been thermal forming since 1999 and manufacturing Windscreen Skin for Italian auto manufacturer, Ferrari, protecting their windscreens since 2009 and fellow Italian auto manufacturer, Lamborghini, since 2011 along with other manufacturers. Bray Group Windscreen Skin factory has gone through rigorous testing by the auto manufacturers on the basis of clarity, ease of installation, removal and durability. With their decision to choose Bray as a staple product a true testament to the quality of the Windscreen Skin.

Factory Spec

Having an accurate pattern is essential to producing high-quality Bray Windscreen Skin factory forming. This not only involves making the pattern, but knowing the specifics of how our thermal forming machine moulds the material, ensuring that the pattern works properly. Bray has started its development of its patent pending thermal forming system in 1999, giving our expert technicians over a decade of experience on an extensive variety of projects.

Proprietary Packaging

Packaging may seem like a simple process but like many things, it’s the simple things that can often become or cause a problem. Over years of trial and error Bray has developed a “proprietary packaging technology,” says Alan Bray, CEO and operations office for Windshield Skin factory, “which ensures the Windscreen Skin is delivered damage free and ready to install.” Specific package techniques and design options with user-friendly, environmental and safety considerations at the forefront of Windscreen Skin’s program.

Machine Cutting

With an extremely professional grade cutter we are able to deliver the same performance cut every time, even on the most demanding 175 micron materials. The facility also features production line machines that feature a curve smoothing function that allows precise cutting even at high speeds.

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