BRAY Windscreen Protection Skin provides a range of products that protect people, companies’ assets and our environment!

BRAY Windscreen Skin is committed to delivering its vision of designing and developing the most innovative technology available in the automotive industry which provides a solution for automotive windscreen damage and replacement.  This product innovation aims to significantly improve performance and windscreen safety while eliminating the environmental impact caused by dumping damaged automotive glass into landfills.

From Humble Beginnings

Bray is a leading brand specialising in the design and manufacturing of formable high-end premium tempered Windshield Skin protectors.

Since Bray Group USA establishment Internationally, the spirit of being “the World’s no.1 Windshield Protection” has penetrated into our brand concept to ensure we continually strive for providing customers with products that guarantee safety, benefit the environmental and what they are most in need of for a happy and safe life. This has now extended to the Australian Marketplace with Windshield Skin being re-branded as Windscreen Skin to be inline with the Australian Automotive industry market.

Bray Group USA started from humble origins as an automotive tuner shop, to present day as a leading brand in high performance laminated manufacturing, the Bray brand has persistently committed to pushing the envelope of excellence and innovation in the changing automotive industry. The brand has been built on a foundation of quality and performance unmatched by any other company in the industry.

Bray has been in the automotive window film industry for over 25 years. With Bray’s CEO having decades of hand’s on experience in installations, training of corporate companies such as Best Buy, Hertz, Walmart freight trucking, Recaro child safety window protection, having been a Madico window film distributor for 8 states in America, on the board of directors for IWFA and involved in the 1st development of windshield protection products. To now supplying leading automotive brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani with Bray Windshield Skin protection products.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Layer Tempered Material

Bray multi-layer tempered Windscreen Skin protection 125µm thickness for super impact resistance to absorb external force from hitting of objects (100µm BaseSkin+25µm Top Skin laminated).

  • Super Impact Resistance

Bray Windscreen Skin protection can greatly absorb external force from hitting rocks, impact etc… It separates itself to be the best windscreen protection in the world.

  • 6H Super Anti-Scratch Protection

The high clarity 6H construction provides glass like appearance and a hard coating layer that can effectively resist wearing and scratching to keep your Bray Windscreen Skin looking brand new.

  • No Frost Protection

The Bray Windscreen products incorporate nanotechnology to prevent the windscreen surface from reaching the conditions necessary for condensation and temperatures low enough to freeze.

  • Nearly 100% Ultimate Clarity

Ultra transparent capabilities provide great visual with oleophobic and hydrophobic coating which reduce scratching and smudges that would affect the clarity, keeping your windscreen clean and clear.

  • Zero Interference

Bray Windscreen Skin is designed to be an invisible and perfect protection with no interference of sensors or electronic responsiveness necessary.

  • Easy to Apply

Bray tempered Windscreen Skin removes cleanly, with no adhesive residue left on the Base Skin and minimal training required for installation. Custom 3D factory kit available for a fast and perfect fit: no on screen cutting and moulding is required.

  • Maintenance System

The Bray Top Skin system has been designed to be removable and replaceable as needed. Simply remove damaged Top Skin and reinstall with a new fresh Top Skin right on top of your current Base Skin.

  • 2 Material Type Options

Bray tempered Windscreen Skin is offered in 1220mm x 15.24m & 1524mm x 15.24m rolls for the aftermarket and Bray patent pending vehicle specific 3D thermal formed kits for large volume accounts.

  • 18 Month / 3 year Top Skin Warranty System

Registered products are entitled to have the Top Skin products replaced if the products fail to be of acceptable visual quality. You are supported with professional and efficient product & after-sales service all backed by Bray Group International.

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