Bray’s Multi-layer windscreen protection is the latest and most advanced technology available in the automotive market. Unlike other windscreen protection that consists of just a single layer of material, which once damaged by scratches, wipers or power steamers must be completely replaced. Bray has designed and developed a new patent pending, multi-layer system that comes with a Base Skin and an ultra-thin Top Skin engineered to be replaced as needed. This means the Base Skin remains on the vehicle and only the Top Skin requires replacement for on-going maintenance, which eliminates the expensive replacement of the complete product and is also more environmentally conscious.

From the first glance, Bray’s treated glass looks identical to an ordinary pane of glass or windscreen, but that is where the similarities end. An ordinary piece of glass or windscreen shatters when struck by a single blunt object. Bray’s impact resistant material has been engineered to withstand several impacts depending upon the thickness of the Bray material and size of object striking the glass.

Bray’s is the original multi-layer performance Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is a highly versatile material that offers unique features for protection, styling and performance. These unique properties allow us to push the limits that currently exist in glazing opening us up to previously unimaginable glazing solutions. Automotive manufacturers, Marine, Train, Defence, Transportation and Fleet Maintenance departments all can now look at economical option to make their glass last longer, enhance performance and become more environmentally friendly in the process.

Imagine a car windscreen that’s been equipped with the Bray multi-layer treatment. If an object from outside the car hits the windscreen, the object would strike the material first. This material will absorb the energy over a large area. The flexible material is engineered to absorb the energy of the object to reflect it outwards, stopping the impact and causing no damage to the glass.

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