Eco Skin

The most cost effective for temporary use, Eco Skin provides a single layer, limited time protection. Ideal for manufacturers during pre/post production with outstanding clarity it can also be left on for the transport process.

ECO Skin Plus

The ultimate temporary windscreen protection the Eco Skin Plus is ideal for RV and Transportation vehicles manufacturers during pre and post production and may even be left on for the automotive transport process.

Company Vision of a Better Planet

Bray has a company vision of a better planet and as a result is dedicated to designing and developing innovative technology that provides a solution to the problems of automotive windscreen damage and replacement. This vision improves performance and windscreen safety whilst also elimination the unnecessary pollution caused by dumping broken automotive glass into landfills. The Bray Windscreen Skin provides products that protect people, companies’ assets and the environment.

  • In a crash the windscreen provides 70% of the vehicles roof structure
  • Damaged windscreens are dumped directly into Australian landfills
  • Laminated safety glass (windscreen) is not bio-degradable or recyclable
  • Windscreen glass occupies over 10% of landfills
  • Bray Windscreen Skin system has directly reduced the use of landfills

Reduce your carbon footprint by using Bray Windscreen Skin products on your windscreens.

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