Top Skin

The advanced patent pending replaceable Top Skins have been specifically designed to be applied on top of all our multi-layer tempered Windscreen Skin with the ability to be replaced as needed. Like glass, Bray’s patent pending Top Skin is scratch resistant with the new Type 3 Super Hard Coat enabling it to withstand everyday abrasions, including the wear and tear from windscreen wipers. Used in conjunction with any multi-layer tempered Windscreen Skin this product provides you the highest level of protection.

Haven’t Heard of Bray?

The Bray product line has been released to the public after years of proven success with the highest quality cars manufactured from around the globe. Bray has worked with well renowned Italian auto manufacturer, Ferrari, protecting their windscreens since 2009 and fellow Italian auto manufacturer, Lamborghini, since 2011. The products have each gone through rigorous testing by the auto manufacturers for clarity, ease of installation, removal and durability with the auto manufacturers endorsing the quality of the Bray Windscreen Skin by choosing to use it as a staple product.

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