Passenger Vehicles

When choosing your vehicle one of the major consideration is the vehicles ability to keep you and your passenger’s safe whilst driving. Therefore, imagine what would happen to your cars windscreen if it were struck by a rock. Would you truly be safe? Then re-imagine that situation when your windscreen is equipped with Bray’s multi-layer treatment technology. The object would strike the windscreen skin protection absorbing the energy over a large area and reflecting it outwards stopping the impact and causing no damage to the glass.

Bray has spent decades researching and developing the multi-layer windscreen skin, to ensure the safety of automotive vehicles and their occupants. The innovative product is engineered to guarantee the protection of your vehicle on the road and provide drivers the solution to automotive windscreen damage and replacement.

Why Choose Windscreen Skins for your Passenger Vehicle?

  • Value for Money
  • Eliminates need for Expensive Windscreen Replacement
  • Easy to Apply & Remove
  • Scratch & Impact Resistant
  • Innovative Multi-Layer Protection Technology
  • UV & heat protection
  • Perfect Clarity
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Valuable Warranty System
  • Multiple Material Options (Varied to suit individual vehicle)
  • No Interference with vehicles performance
  • Protects integrity of the glass beneath
  • Frost Protection

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