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From a distance Bray’s treated multi-layer glass looks identical to an ordinary windscreen, but that is where the similarities end. Once struck by a single blunt object an ordinary windscreen will shatter, whereas Bray’s impact resistant material is engineered to withstand several impacts depending on the thickness of material. Bray’s multi-layer is also the only windscreen protection product of its kind made from Performance Polyethylene Terephthalate (PPET), which is a very versatile material enabling it to be used to achieve improved vehicle performance and styling.

Furthermore, Bray has designed and manufactured a windscreen specifically for Motorsport vehicles known as RaceSkin. RaceSkin was developed for motorsport windscreen applications, due to the base coats ability to dramatically reduce the likelihood of damage and additional Bray Rip Away RaceSkins available to provide an ongoing protection program.

Why Choose Windscreen Skins for your Race Vehicle?

  • Improves Overall Vehicle Performance
  • Product Specifically Designed for Motorsports
  • Best Value for Money Product
  • Eliminates Need for Expensive Windscreen Skin Replacement
  • Optimum Clarity
  • Superior Impact Resistance
  • Anti-Scratch Protection
  • Easy Application & Removal Process
  • Minimise Vehicle Downtime
  • Innovative Multi-Layer Protection Technology
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Unrivalled Warranty System
  • Material Options (Varied to suit individual vehicle)
  • Protects integrity of the glass beneath
  • UV & heat protection
  • Frost Protection

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