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We understand how important not only vehicle appearance but also safety is, and personalizing them to your needs is our specialty. Here at Bray Limited Warranty we believe that choosing a Bray Windshield Skin automotive protection for your vehicle is the absolute best decision you can make in order to maximize the safety and worth of your new car, as well as maintaining its value.

You also have the option to purchase coverage in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, which allows you to further protect your safety, investment, and financial security.

You will be sure to have peace of mind in partnering with us in the safety of your vehicle, and ultimately, you. After all, you as the client are our priority for protection. Bray Limited Warranties ensure coverage for major vehicle windshield components including scratching, breakage, and chipping; which ensures you extra protection.


Offered exclusively through our factory direct Bray Warranty centres, our automotive warranty for Bray Windshield Skin protective coating is top of the range.

Please note that to make a claim on your TopSkin or No Crack warranty, the product will have needed to have been registered within 30 days of installation, to which you will then receive a product number and a certified Bray warranty card. If you have any issues registering or if you have misplaced your warranty card, please contact your dealer on 1300 00 BRAY.


Bray Windshield Skin Protection offers you protection for the most extremes of the road including repair of windshield cracks and chips. As part of this warranty, there are no out of pocket expenses on any covered damage. Repairs and replacements can be undertaken at the customer’s home or office by experienced professionals, or at the selling dealership.

Containing a unique multi-layer material that fuses at a molecular level and bonds to the glass surface, the Bray Windshield Skin Treatment creates protecting coating by capping the natural glass and its surface. They were designed to provide the ultimate protection using the latest in molecular nano-chemistry to make your windshield stronger, with enhanced clarity.

If you experience damage to your vehicle windshield from the road, as described in the warranty details, and you are registered as a warranty holder of Bray Windshield Skin Protection, a claim should be made within 14 days from the onset of the damage.


Registration with Bray warranty is easy, simply review our TopSkin Warranty for full details, review Care and Maintenance, review the 3 year optional warranty and then fill out and submit our registration form. Please note that in order for your warranty to be filed, the product must be registered within 30 days of set up.

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